Forsythia and Coper - a pastel painting of small yellow flowers against a blue background - Jeffrey Smtih
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Forsythia and Copper Canister, final

I do love reaching the end of a painting! I had such a wonderful time working on this piece. It has been far too long a break from pastel this time, and I’m thrilled to be getting my hands dirty and back at it again!

Work in progress updates from this painting

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  1. It’s beautiful! I’m starting to work with pastels in my art class, but I doubt I can make anything that pretty. ^^

  2. It’s pretty fun, messy/chalky but fun. ^^ Luckily, I have some time before my art assignment is due, so I’ll have time to play around with pastels over the march break. What would you recommend to start working on with pastels? Still life? Scenery?

    Thanks. ^^


  3. Thanks! If I get something done over the march break, I’ll send you a copy of my final. ^^ hehee, though dumping pastel work on a scanner may not be the best idea. XD


  4. Great to see you are back at pastel! It’s wonderful to see your use of color; I am impressed by how you see so many colors in everything. I also enjoyed your first little video, and look forward to seeing more!

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