Forsythia and Copper, Work in progress, Jeffrey Smith
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Forsythia and Copper Canister, update #2

I’ve been digging through my boxes of pastels to find colors that I can use to unify areas of the painting.  To do this, I try to find a color that can be applied to a few different objects. 

An example would be the light blue that I was able to use in the background, the table top, and the green cloth on the left side of the painting.  By repeating strokes of the same color on top of different objects, it help to create a feeling of those different objects being seen under the same light.  In this case, it is cool north light through my studio window.

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  1. I liked this a couple of posts ago and I still like it. I think the colours are wonderful and work very well together. The copper provides just the right amount of contrast to the blues and greens.

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