Blue Pot, Orange Begonia

Blue Pot, Oange Begonia, 9x12", pastel on panel, Jeffrey Smith
Blue Pot, Oange Begonia, 9×12″, pastel on panel, Jeffrey Smith

I had a few hours to get into the studio today, and thought this would be a great chance to revisit this wonderful potted begonia.  It has been bringing a touch of spring to my studio for the last few weeks.  I really needed it today.  The high here in Minnesota didn’t reach much above zero, and with the wind, it felt much colder.  I can’t wait for the spring thaw!

This piece was painted on a Jack Richeson pastel panel. This is a new surface for me.  It doesn’t have quite as much tooth as the Wallis pastel paper does.  That means that it probably wouldn’t hold as many layers of pastel.  I do a lot of layering in my work as I play with color, so this one is important to me.  The panel is on Gator board which is very rigid, and very light weight.  Because of  that, I could see these panels being very useful for plein air landscape work. Lightweight makes it easier when you have to haul everything with you, and due to limited painting time, you probably wouldn’t do as much layering.