Jeffrey Smtih

Hello there — I'm Jeffrey Smith.

I’m your average run of the mill painter, teacher, web developer and generally artsy guy living in Minnesota. (I’m the one on the right.)

One of my earliest memories is sitting on the kitchen floor with beagle Casey, and drawing for hours on end. My mother tells me that I used to do this almost every day, right after watching Mr. Rogers on PBS.

We had this huge coffee can full of crayons.  I used to dig through obsessively looking for just the right color to draw my fresh sheet of typing paper. I remember very distinctly having the goal of trying to make drawings that used every crayon in that coffee can. I always loved color!

A few years later, and I’m still obsessing over color. I have moved up from those crayons and typing paper, and on to oil & acrylic paints, watercolors & gouache, and pastels & pencils. I still love digging through my supplies searching for just the right color.

Jeffrey Smith | Red paint in the art studio
I have an obsession with art supplies. You can never have too many variations of red paint!

I am a graduate of The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota — class of 2003. After completing The Atelier’s four-year program, I was invited to come back and teach — It’s something that I loved doing for eight years.

Jeffrey Smith | The Atelier Minneapolis, 2002
My Father and I at The Atelier | 2002
pastel collection | Jeffrey Smith
pastels | Jeffrey Smtih
pastels in my studio, Jeffrey Smith

Pastels all lined up in the studio

I love hearing from people, so please get in touch with me

The easiest way the get a hold of me is through the contact page right here, or just drop me an email [email protected]