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Forsythia and Copper Canister, work in progress update

I finally got back over to the studio today.  We have been moving from an apartment in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis, to our first house, over in Saint Paul!  I’m thrilled to be living back in Saint Paul, but moving is a lot of work! Every time that I’ve done it, I swear that this is going to be it for a long time, but I think this time, it is going to be it for a long time.

I worked across the whole painting today.  My goals were to:

  1. Develop and  correct the drawing, or shapes through out the painting 
  2. Push for a more accurate value relationship. Basically how light or dark is one thing or shape in comparison to the things or shapes that surround it. 

With pastel, I usually add in some “pushed” or exaggerated colors at this stage.  These colors will get subdued as the painting develops further, but the colors influence can be felt.  You can see an example of this with the strong red on the right side of the bowl, or the orange on the folds of the cloth  just to the left of the copper canister.

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