Painting panels | Jeffrey Smith Art

Studio prep day…making panels.

I spent the better part of the day today making panels. I enjoy the process of making painting panels; starting with just a blank piece of wood, and ending with something worth painting on. It does, however, get quite messy.

I start by sand each raw panel to rough up the surface. I use Masonite, cut to the desired size. I then apply three coats of acrylic gesso, giving the panel a 90-degree turn with each coat. If I want a smoother board, I sand gently between coats.

It is also important to cover the edges of the painting panel. I seal the back of each panel with acrylic gel medium.

I’ve also tried making a couple of boards using Gamblin Traditional Gesso. I’ve painted on a traditional gesso surface before and enjoyed it. It absorbs some of the paint, which is a unique feeling when working with oil paint.

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