Apple Orchard pochade box set up.

Autumn in Minnesota | Plein air painting in the Apple Orchard

I got a message from my painter friend Elaine on Facebook.  She was inviting me to tag along on a plein air painting excursion to the Minnetonka  Apple Orchard just west of Minneapolis.

In Minnesota, we love fall, and we love apples.  And I thought, “What could be more autumn-ish than a trip to an apple orchard?”

We ended up having such a wonderful time that we made a second trek out  to the apple orchard. Trip number one was on a Wednesday.  Trip number two was the next Monday.  I was amazed how many apples were on the ground compared to a few days earlier.  Maybe it was the cool weather over the weekend, or maybe there had been a whole slew of orchard-goers  leaving fallen apples in their wake.  Either way, it was great autumn fun getting to paint the apple orchard twice.

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