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Italy…still, working in progress

I’ve had been struggling with the paint surface on this piece all along. I got to thinking, “Perhaps my white paint isn’t as fresh as it could or for that mater, should be.” For those of you who don’t think that paint can be old even right from the store, think again.  I headed off to the studio today,

If you don’t think that oil paint can feel old or not so fresh right from the store, think again!

Today, I was off to the studio, new tube of white paint in hand — what a difference!  My painting session today was a joy! I loved to work on this piece as opposed to the chore that it had been.  I expect great things from this tube of white paint!  For those wondering, the new super paint is from

In case you are wondering, the new super paint came from Gamblin. As I’ve researched materials and experimented in my studio I’ve been thoroughly impress by what they have to offer. I think it’s a great paint, at a great price!

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