Plein Air, Bloomington

MInnesota Marsh, oil on linen
Minnesota Marsh, oil on linen, by Jeffrey Smith


Another day of painting outside!

Minnesota served up another gorgeous day today, and I was able to take advantage of this blue sky morning by getting a second session in on the landscape above.  After the light had shifted, I set up for my second go of the morning; a quick oil sketch of the wildlife preserve administration building.

Recently, I’ve removed a lot of the pigments from my palette. In my quest for simplicity, I am now working with only about 6.  It’s proved to challenging, but I think in the end,  I think having to mix everything will be  great for my painting!

 The fence After lunch, I noticed this building off to the side of the nature preserve. I found a spot in the shade, and decided to give a man-made structure a try.

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