Orange Reflections

How loose and free can your paint application be at the start? That was the question that I asked myself for this painting.

I was curious if I could start a painting with some loose blobs of color and pull the image together gradually.

I have spent this last year experimenting with different water-media. This picture is the result of my first time working with the Golden High Flow Acrylic paints. They are super concentrated and about the consistency of ink. Unlike ink or watercolors, these pigments are opaque. That allows you go back in and make corrections and changes.

When starting a painting with watercolors, it’s critical to have a solid drawing and a plan for your painting — this is primarily because it’s so difficult to make corrections.

I worked with an assortment of flat brushes with a small round for some details on rough watercolor paper. I love the texture that the paper added to the final painting.

Orange Reflections | Jeffrey Smith
“Orange Reflections”, 12×9″, acrylic on watercolor paper
Oranges | Jeffrey Smith