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  1. ASTONISHING…to watch this from beginning to end is truly amazing. I like the casual tableside gathering of the family, it gives a true sense of family and home. 3 CHEERS for Mr. Smith…..

  2. Jeffrey, the portrait is exquisite! It is really lifelike and I can’t get over the texture of the each person’s hair. I feel I can reach out and comb it. You are truly a fine artist and I’m sure this will be passed down through the ages. Really, worth all the effort.

  3. Jeffrey, nice work, unreal as so incredibly life like. You and my brother have alot of talent with him on the Piano and you on the easel. Really cool. Great job, I need to get one of these one day ;o) — Daniel

  4. The portrait is beautiful. I especially love the details…the sunflowers, the hand placement. The family should be very happy and proud to have your work in their home.

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