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The Italy Painting; final

Italian Landscape, oil on linen, 30x42"
Italian Landscape, oil on linen, 36x42"

It has recently been brought to my attention that I never posted the final image of my commisioned landscape.  So today’s post is that final image of a commisioned landscape that I had been working on for quite a few weeks.  This painting was done with a humble array of 6 colors, ultramarine blue, cad. yellow deep, cad yellow light, alizarine crimson, transparent red oxide, and sap green.  It’s been amazing the variety of colors that I could get from such a small grouping. 

When you are doing a landscape, or anything for that matter, out of your head, you really have to rely on anything that you know…what does that mean?  Things that have been observed in  the real world that could help your imagined place look more realistic.  For me, the limited pallet has helped me keep things related to one another.  The lights all have a similar feeling because there were only a few light pigments to choose from.  The same can be said for the shadows.

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