Front Yard Peonies | plein air painting close to home

Front Yard Peonies
Oil on linen panel
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This has been a strange spring in Minnesota.  Over all, it has been pretty cold.  Plants are blooming much later this year than they normally do.  That’s okay. It just means more time to enjoy the flowers of spring.  I still have peonies in the front yard that are just starting, or are yet to bloom. 

I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to stay in your own front yard while painting.  I love going out painting in the deep woods and all, but there’s a great comfort that comes from knowing that you are only steps away from anything you might need

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  1. Hi jeffrey. Your picture is beautiful and well done. I came across this site while searching online to see if it was ok or a norm to have peonies in a front yard. I just transplanted 6 to line to front brick of my stone house. After seeing your painting I thought great minds and continued with the transpanting. All I see is them hidden on sides of homes. Sad to not bring them to the front if not appropriate.

    1. I love peonies any where but especially in the front yard. I just think they are such a wonderful, showy flower. I say go for! My house is very traditional, and I think they look great!

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