FM 100 Hue Test

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screen shot from

I discovered this site from Charley Parker over at Lines and Colors.   It’s fascinating,  It’s basically a color IQ test.  You rearrange the colored squares so that the colors gradate from the starting color on one end of the spectrum,  to the color found on the other end.  The whole thing seems easy enough until you get to those squares in the middle where things are a bit more neutral, and a there isn’t a lot of variation from one color to the next.  I think the trick is to try moving the square left or right and looking at the line as a whole.  It really shows the importance of looking at, and selecting colors that are relative to one another.

This little test is provided by x-rite, a company that makes Munsell-based color measurement products.

Once you think you have it, you hit ‘submit’, and  your test is scored.  A score of ‘0’ is perfect, and it goes up to ’99’ from there. For those who are interested, I scored a ‘4’ on mine.

Give it a try, and see what you come up with.