Emerging From the Shadows

When thinking about what I wanted to paint today, I got the idea that it might be fun to play with an object emerging from the shadows. I had just taken my dog for his evening walk along the river front. As we walked, we so other people emerge from the darkness as we passed under a street light and then back into the shadows as they passed.

I blocked in the vase using a large, flat brush to get the feeling of the form excluding the decoration. From there, I added the decorative blue brush strokes onto the surface of the vase, adjusting the values to match the lighting on the vase.

Emerging from the Shadows | acrylic, Jeffrey Smith

I thought this painting would be an excellent opportunity to play with some glazes taking advantage of the fast drying acrylic paint. 

I wasn’t getting a sense of the reflected light as strongly as I had hoped, so I tried busting out the acrylic glazing medium and thinning out some of the mixed red paint that I had been using for the shadows on the tabletop.

I am thrilled with the result of the reflect light and how it help to describe the form.