• Pansie in a Planter — gouache painting by Jeffey Smith

    Pansies in a Planter


    I painted this clump of pansies on the morning of my birthday on a beautiful spring morning. It had been a long cold winter and seeing flowers start to fill the planter boxes around town is always such a welcome sight!

    This original work was painted with gouache on 300lbs watercolor paper.

    Gouache is known for its wonderful colors and velvety matte finish. This is a work on paper and therefore should be framed behind glass or plexiglass.
    The painting is packed in a transparent plastic bag with a thick layer of foam core to prevent any bending. It can be stored this way on a shelf until you decide to frame it. It will be shipped in a hard card box.

    This painting is being sold unframed.

  • Peony - gouache on watercolor paper by Jeffrey Smith



    I loved painting these gorgeous magenta peonies in my studio this week. We have had a mixed bag of weather in Minneapolis, so it great to spend my painting time indoors with these amazing flowers!?

  • Stock and Lisianthus gouache painting by Jeffrey Smith

    Stock and Lisianthus


    I stopped by the florist for some cut flowers and found these amazing lisianthus and stocks stems. I love the different shades of purple and green. Such a nice contrast to each other! Gouache is known for its wonderful colors and velvety matte finish. This is a painting is on illustration board and should be…

  • Snapdragons | Jeffrey Smith


  • Oak Leaf | Gouache | Jeffrey Smith Art

    Oak Leaf

  • Strawberries | Gouache | Jeffrey Smith Art


  • Asparagus | Gouache on illustration board | Jeffrey Smith



    There is just something about asparagus — I love everything about it! I love how it tastes, the feel of it, the color, but especially how it’s sold. I’m fascinated by how it’s displayed in-store; standing up on end, bound with a beautiful, colorful rubber band. When I happened across asparagus on sale at Whole Foods, I knew I had to paint it.

    For this small painting, I wanted to play with color. I know that gouache is capable of rendering an object in great detail, but I also know that it can do an excellent job of showing one color against another and exploring the relationship of warm and color pigments — that’s what I wanted to focus on for my painting.

  • Tulips | gouache | Jeffrey Smith



    This painting began with a dinner party. I had just moved into a new apartment in downtown Minneapolis. As I was unpacking, I rediscovered a table runner that picked up several years ago. It’s a multicolor stripe woven cloth — red, green, yellow, blue orange. I knew that I wanted to have that cloth on my table when I had my parents over, and I also knew that I was going to need some flowers. I picked up a bunch of tulips, and my table was set.

    The next morning, after a wonderful evening with my parents, I ate breakfast and stared at the flowers sitting on my table. I had to paint them!