Sunflowers and the Studio Table

Sunflowers and My Studio Table, 9"x12", oil on panel
Sunflowers and My Studio Table, 9x12", oil on linen panel

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I’ve been looking a lot of still life paintings recently.  What I’m finding, is that I’m drawn much more to paintings that are about a space. Paintings that help to show an environment.  I’m trying to bring more of that idea into my current series of  still life paintings.

Today’s post features a wonderful bunch of sunflowers, eucalyptus, and some small yellow wildflowers. My entire studio had a wonderful spring time smell when I walked in.  This painting also shows off my main work table.  It’s really a drafting table that tilts up of down, but I find it most useful in a flat position.  Scattered around the sunflowers, are some plein air sketches from this past summer, and an art book that I have been looking at for inspiration.

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