Top Lit Pear

Light from above is just plain cool!

When I was a student at The Atelier, I was fascinated with the effect that light from the skylight in the main drawing room had on the form of whatever we were drawing.

Nuances were much more pronounced. You could really see the fullness of a curve.  Things that looked very flat under other lighting conditions really showed that they had a lot more to them when viewed under overhead light.

The simplest of pears

I was very much reminded of that with this simple pear.

Top lighting just brings out the form like no other lighting can.

When I looked at this pear with the light coming in from the side, it looked round.  Simple. Relatively smooth. A pear.

Move the light up over the pear, and now I’m thinking of words like sculptural, statuesque, and shapely.

It’s amazing what a change in lighting can do!

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