Silver Jar and Green Vase | Jeffrey Smith
Alla Prima

Silver Jar and Green Vase

Another alla prima painting today!

I’m sure that I’ve said it before, but I love painting this little silver jar! There is just something about the round, super-reflective surface that I just find fascinating.

This 6×8″ painting is all about atmosphere.

What does atmosphere have to do with a still life?

An atmospheric painting is about looking more at how each of your elements fits into the spaces that they’re in. In this case, I’m not just painting a green vase or a silver jar — I’m thinking how they look when placed on a blue cloth next to one another with a warm brown backdrop behind them.

A painting like this is made up of color reflecting from the one object and on to another.

That’s why shiny objects like my little jar are so great for atmospheric paintings. The way the jar appears is made up of the reflections of the surrounding objects.

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