Portrait Class at The Atelier Minneapolis

The fall term of my portrait class at The Atelier has come to an end — It was a great session!  I felt truly blessed to have the chance to work with such a wonderful group of people!

I was also fortunate enough to spend the final night of the class working on the portrait sketch you see above between critiques.  I find it’s best for all parties involved to have me paint along on the very last night of any class.  I can give the students a good, though critique at the beginning of the evening and help them come up with a plan for the night.  Then I stay in the classroom, painting.  Ready just in case a question should come up.

Too bad about that eye…

My goal with critiques on the last night is to avoid what happened to me many years ago with one of the first portrait classes I took.  I had worked for 12 sessions on my portrait. I had worked all through the final evening of class. Just as time was up and the model left the stand, the teacher circled around and told me the left eye was in the wrong place.  “Oh well,” she said.  “Maybe on the next one.”

I still come across that drawing from time to time — I keep my old drawing, those unsuitable for framing, but no so terrible that I need to trash them,  in large, flat storage boxes in my studio. When I digging through my old work and I come across that one, all I can see is the eye — still in the wrong spot. *sigh*

Oh well.  Maybe on the next one.