Stock and Lisianthus

Stock and Lisianthus gouache painting by Jeffrey Smith

I stopped by the florist for some cut flowers and found these amazing lisianthus and stocks stems. I love the different shades of purple and green. Such a nice contrast to each other!

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Silver Jar and Green Vase

Silver Jar and Green Vase | Jeffrey Smith

This painting was inspired by color. I wanted to create a still life that juxtaposed warm against cool color. I repeated that theme with the warm brown in the background contrasted against the blue tabletop and the blues reflecting in the silver canister contrasted against the warm yellow-greens of that fabulous vase.

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Tulips | gouache | Jeffrey Smith

This painting began with a dinner party. I had just moved into a new apartment in downtown Minneapolis. As I was unpacking, I rediscovered a table runner that picked up several years ago. It’s a multicolor stripe woven cloth — red, green, yellow, blue orange. I knew that I wanted to have that cloth on …
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